Friday, June 29, 2007

Boy's Club Baseball

Jerry talks about playing Boy's Club baseball, all morning for any team that would have them play, sharing gloves if you did not have one of your own

Time: 1 minute, 52 seconds

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Dwayne Melancon said...

This is an awesome project. I just discovered it (courtesy of Rosa - my favorite connector) and I'm very impressed.

I have a friend who makes video documentaries of her family via her annual family reunion. She edits them together and I love them (and I'm not at all related to them).

After seeing her first film, we asked to be invited to the reunion and now have a standing invitation (I think it's partially because we bought something at their auction, which they do every year to help subsidize the travel expenses of the people who need a little help).

This compilation has a similar feel - well done!

Steve Sherlock said...

Dwayne, Rosa is a wonderful connector. Where would we be without her?

I think this is a good way to use what we have today (blogs, podcasts, etc.) and capture something of the "greatest generation" to share with others. The family will certainly enjoy it.

I am having a good time doing this. Of course spending time with Dad is precious anyway, but I learning so much more than I knew before. The story is a good one on many levels.

Thanks for stopping by! Keep coming back, there will be more good stuff here.