Friday, March 26, 2010

Martina and Jerry

While eating with Martina and Jerry they spoke about getting permission to get into the war effort.
Jerry said that his parents refused to give him permission to join. " Ma said NO"
Martina then related the same thing." Oh, Ma refused to give me permission to go as a nurse."
She turned to me with the trademark Sherlock grin. I appealed to her as a mother. "But Ma if all the mothers of nurses told their daughters no, what would happen? Who would take care of all the boys? What would happen to Jack, Ted and Jerry?" Talk about your Irish guilt!

Mrs. Sherlock relented. Martina did add; " Well I didn't need permission as I was old enough. Times were different though I needed my mothers permission."

Jerry then said that he told the recruiter that his mother wouldn't give permission. The recruiter told Jerry that the Government would be drafting in September of 1943 and you never knew what would happen. She relented and Jerry was accepted for the Marines and went to Parris Island Recruit Depot in October of 1943. I suspect it was a little more complicated then that.

I am reminded after taking Jerry to see "Saving Private Ryan" I spoke to Jerry the next day and we spoke of some things that remain personal. However the one thing that stands out is like the fictional Mrs. Ryan, Jerry said Mrs. Sherlock had a banner with stars for Martin, Jack, Ted, Henry and Jerry. He said it must have been pretty hard on his mother. He considers himself very fortunate. Large families separated with members all over the world defending freedom. They all came home.

We tend to forget in our iPhone, Blackberry driven world of instant communications and take a lot for granted. Jerry and Martina spoke of getting mail from home. Times were different.

So the next time you voice or memory dial, take a moment to think of Mrs Sherlock in the dark days of the War with her children in far flung places. Never knowing.

Have a great day! Thanks Martina, Jack, Ted, Henry, Jerry, Fran, and of course Vin Campbell.

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