Wednesday, April 21, 2010

Jerry soon to be one of the "Street Stories"

Walt Buteau, reporter for WPRI - Channel 12 in Providence, contacted us today to record a segment for a future "Street Story." Arrangements were made and Jerry talked with Walt for about an hour about his experiences in the Pacific, how the blog started, etc.

If all goes according to schedule, the segment should be broadcast on Apr 30th at 6:15 PM. It will also be re-broadcast on Saturday morning at 7:40 AM for you early birds.

If you can't catch the live broadcast, don't worry. It will also be posted to the Facebook page for "Street Stories" and we'll make sure to get a copy or at least a link to post it here.

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David said...

I asked for and received from SecNAV copies of my fathers service records.
He served from Sep 37 to Sep 57, he enlisted and was commissioned abt 1943. He too was a member of the lst Joint Assault Signal Company (JASCO) as part of the 5th Amphibious Group and according to the records in front of me he disembarked on Saipan, Tinian and Roi Namur. He was seriously wounded in Korea, after Inchon. By the time of Korea he was assigned to the lst Marine Division as a lst Sgt, he lost his commission in 1946 due to a heart murmur.

I can't help thinking that perhaps Jerry and he knew each other. Dad died in May of 1962 on the operating table at Camp Pendleton.

You can contact me at dvdjns390 at