Sunday, April 17, 2011

Photo essay - balloon messages

After the Brouillard Brunch, last week some of the group stopped by the cemetery for a little balloon ceremony to remember Del Brouillard.

Messages were written on the balloons:


Balloons were held with care:

Brouillards_110410 002

Messages were crafted thoughtfully:

Brouillards_110410 005

And then the balloons were released, carrying their messages:

Brouillards_110410 006

The front side of the Brouillard head stone:

Brouillards_110410 014

The backside:

Brouillards_110410 015

The front side of the stone for Adeline

Brouillards_110410 019

The backside:

Brouillards_110410 018

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