Tuesday, February 28, 2012

Jerry and Marine cutting the cake at the 2010 Birthday Dinner

Steve Cileli sent this photo of the youngest MARINE and the Oldest MARINE cutting the cake. The photo was taken at the 2010 Birthday Dinner

In a strange twist, that MARINE folded the flag at the Funeral for Jerry on Saturday.  Dan Cunningham is the other MARINE at the left of Jerry in the photo.

He was not told until after the Funeral.  Jerry had a large circle of people he knew.  It continues to amaze me how over and over again Jerry knew a great many of us.  It appears that there is only about one degree of separation among us...  He and Jones are smiling down on all of us.  Rita is in the background, waiting on them patiently, at the dinner table.

And On The Seventh Day When GOD Rested,
We Overran His Perimeter And Stole The Globe,
We Stole The Eagle From The Air Force,
The Anchor From The Navy,
The Rope From The Army,
And Have Been Protecting Our Shores Ever Since.
                  UNKNOWN MARINE

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