Sunday, February 19, 2012

Looking back

67 years ago, Jerry landed on the black sands beach at Iwo Jima and 36 days later was lucky to walk off. As the oldest of his six children, I have long felt that this Sherlock 'luck" has played a great deal in the cards of life. We have all been so fortunate. Jerry and Rita were a special couple. Rita left us a while ago. It seems like Jerry will be re-united with her soon.

Coincidence? Garnet Rogers "Seeds of Hope" is playing as I struggle to write this

Take my hand and we will walk together
Take my hand you will not walk alone
Take my hand, this night won't last forever
We'll harvest seeds of hope we've sown

Jerry barely opened his eyes when I visited on Saturday. I held his hand and felt his grip tighten. His spirit is strong. The will that helped him through WW II and then raising us all is still there.

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