Tuesday, February 21, 2012

There will be photos

Jerry's Story will continue. His memory is alive and well for us. As we prepare for the official services Friday and Saturday, we have begun to go through the archive of family photos. Going through the photos had been a project planned for review and discussion here. Dad was supposed to help us make sense of who was in the photos what was going on. Some were going to be easier than others. All were going to have a story.

So just because Dad has left us, doesn't mean this will end. There are still pictures, there are still stories to be shared.

At the Brouillard Brunch on Sunday, I mentioned the idea of having a picture party. Family can gather round a table of photos and we can all help to identify who, what, when, where and add the markings, tell the stories that are revealed by those photos.

Jerry and I in Slater Park in Pawtucket. Likely a Sunday afternoon in the fall of 1954 or 55.


If you have photos and or a story to share, send it along.

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