Monday, March 26, 2012

Who's in the pool?

No, I am not talking about the pool for the current NCAA March Madness.

Some of the Joyal clans gathered at the Barrette's pool in the 1970's.

Sherlock and Barrettes '70 pool

Who is in the pool?

If you have any ideas or guesses, you can either comment or send an email to me at

Thanks to my sister Joan for making this image available. There are a bunch of photos that she has taken the time to convert to a digital format so we will be able to share this history.


Eric said...

ok here's what I can manage-

front row- Linda, Patty. easy.
behind Linda- Christine holding Tom (my best guess)

in the middle, Joan holding Carol, and Eileen holding someone- I have no idea!

on the back wall- Allen
below him?

far right, Michael maybe?

What I can't figure out is why Patty looks so much older than my guesses for Tom and Carol. They should look closer in age.

Eric said...

On second thought, I think near Allen is Ron.
And maybe Joan and Eileen are holding the Bruneau cousins.

Steve Sherlock said...

If the Bruneau cousins, that would be Anne and Michelle

thanks, I think that helps

Anyone else with some insights!