Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sherlock Thanksgiving 2012

Mom and Dad were watching over us as we continued the tradition of gathering on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Over the years, as each of the siblings got married, the question of where to go for the holidays came up. We decided to go to the other side on the day and to have the Sherlock's gather on the Friday after for Thanksgiving and some convenient day after Christmas.

Not the best quality photo but it does show some fun was being shared!

Around the table from left to right: Avery, Keegan, Celia, Allison, Carolyn, Joan (just the tip of her head shows), Brianna (has more showing with half her face appearing), John, and Oliver who apparently is getting pushed into the center!

Using Google Hangout Franklin connected with other members in NJ and IL. This may be a new addition to the evolving tradition!

Celia continued one other prime tradition by making cheesecake using Dad's recipe. Dad's recipe it turns out was the one Mom used but really originated with Lillian Canton. So the more correct term should be Lillian's Recipe. In any case, Ceclia did a great job. Dad (Papa) would have had a couple of pieces for sure!

Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Joyal Brouillard Brunch

Albert wrote "the few, the proud, the family" as he sent out this photo from the Joyal Brouillard Brunch which was held this past Sunday at The Pines in North Smithfield.

If your ears were burning, maybe it was because the discussion mentioned you somewhere along its winding path!

Friday, November 9, 2012

237th Birthday of the Marine Corps

Tonight at West Valley Inn in West Warwick distinguished members of the UNITED STATES MARINE CORPS will gather to celebrate.  The occasion is the 237th Birthday of the MARINE CORPS.

This year it is one day early due to scheduling conflicts.  Several members of the Providence Police Department who I work with have organized it for several years.

Ed Malloy, Steve Cileli and Carl Weston along with several others have been working feverishly to bring a great format of events.

I met for breakfast and of course they are a little off as their good friend Jerry Sherlock is not with them tonight.  He has reported for duty on the streets of Heaven where all MARINES return.

Ed was very somber when he sent out the invitations in August.   Steve Cileli was excited about all the additional food that would be put out this year.  He chuckled fondly about Jerry always circling for crackers and cheese and of course holding out for dessert.   Carl Weston spoke of how much humor Jerry brought to the table.  If thats true Jerry was the ringmaster of that cast of characters.

Ed slipped me the sheet for the Roll of Honor that will be called tonight.  That list is read of the MARINES who have travelled on to the final journey.

It is a little quiet around here tonight.  Jerry would make this the first stop on the way to the Dinner posing for pictures.  Steve Cileli or I would drive him to the Dinner.

Of course the Corps marches on in History.

Ed Malloy tells me a photo of Jerry will be present at the head table.   He is not forgotten and sorely missed by his fellow MARINES.


Monday, November 5, 2012

Odds in our favor

The Mass Saturday evening at St Michael's was a simple ceremony with a full church. After the homily, the names of the deceased were read in the order by month that they passed. A member of the family brought up the candle, had it lit, and then placed it on a table to the side on the altar. There was quite a collection when all was done.

The full listing of names:

Dolores and I took Mr and Mrs Proulx with us to the Mass. We stopped at Chelo's on RT 44 for dinner after. What would the odds be for us to be seated at the same booth where I last sat with Dad?

Friday, November 2, 2012

HONOR FLIGHT from Rhode Island

Tomorrow morning several veterans will be departing TF Green Airport for Washington, DC via HONOR FLIGHT.

Several friends of Jerry donated in his memory to HONOR FLIGHT.

It is fitting that members of the Providence Police Pipes and Drums will be playing several Tunes for these veterans.  Several of Jerry's friends and fellow MARINES will be playing.  Pipe Major Manny Soares and Lead  Tip Drum. Carl Weston will be present.  

The Veterans will be honored with the Minstrel Boy and the Military Set.  Army, Navy Air force and MARINE CORPS HYMN.  

Jerry was able to see the Pipes and Drums play at the half time show last year at Providence College Basketball season opener.  

The march out was MARINE CORPS HYMN.  As usual Jerry shot to attention upon hearing that.  As did every other MARINE in the house,

By Tradition MARINES drop what they are doing and come to attention upon hearing the USMC Hymn.

I am out of town or would otherwise be there.

I thank the organizers of HONOR FLIGHT.

My fellow members of the PPD Pipes and Drums.

Above all the veterans who will be going to Washington.  Of course the Service members KIA, MIA and those who have made the final journey home.

"The minstrel boy to the war is gone,
In the ranks of death ye may find him;
His father's sword he hath girded on,
With his wild harp slung along behind him;
Land of Song, the lays of the warrior bard,
May some day sound for thee,
But his harp belongs to the brave and free
And shall never sound in slavery!"

Lyrics from the MINSTREL BOY