Saturday, November 24, 2012

Sherlock Thanksgiving 2012

Mom and Dad were watching over us as we continued the tradition of gathering on the Friday after Thanksgiving. Over the years, as each of the siblings got married, the question of where to go for the holidays came up. We decided to go to the other side on the day and to have the Sherlock's gather on the Friday after for Thanksgiving and some convenient day after Christmas.

Not the best quality photo but it does show some fun was being shared!

Around the table from left to right: Avery, Keegan, Celia, Allison, Carolyn, Joan (just the tip of her head shows), Brianna (has more showing with half her face appearing), John, and Oliver who apparently is getting pushed into the center!

Using Google Hangout Franklin connected with other members in NJ and IL. This may be a new addition to the evolving tradition!

Celia continued one other prime tradition by making cheesecake using Dad's recipe. Dad's recipe it turns out was the one Mom used but really originated with Lillian Canton. So the more correct term should be Lillian's Recipe. In any case, Ceclia did a great job. Dad (Papa) would have had a couple of pieces for sure!

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