Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rita, Steve, Jerry: May 1976


One of the side benefits of clearing the bookshelf to paint the study is the opportunity to discover some envelopes of pictures that had previously just been collecting dust, almost forgotten.

Well, now a few of these pictures can see the light of day.

Oh, my! Yes, that is I in the center with Mom to my right (your left) and Dad to my left (your right).

Mother had one wish for my graduation. She wished that the beard that I had grown for the production of Shakespeare's Henry IV, Part I that we did on campus, and the beard that I subsequently grew quite fond of, would be shaved off for graduation.

Mother did get her wish.

I grew it back shortly after and it has been part of me ever since. Even my wife and kids have only seen pictures like this of the before-beard days. And now you can say that you have also!

Did you ever do something like this for your mother, father or someone special?
Was it a one time thing or something that lasted?

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