Sunday, June 20, 2010

Dear Papa,

I think I want to just say a few things from the perspective of your 13 grandchildren. What a lucky lot we are. We are all still figuring out what our contribution may be to this world we live in, we face unique challenges ahead. You have the benefit of knowing what your contribution was. Our freedom and our family.

As you have shared your story here and with us in person, we have come to know the exact extent of this. You returned home from the Pacific with stories no one would believe. So instead of telling them you moved on. While that is a simple sentence I know it could not have been that easy. I’m sure meeting Grandma helped. As well as these crazy kids of yours that started showing up. The stories from their childhood are also fun to hear. Baseball, food, sewing, wheel-barrels, cranberries at Christmas, and cleaning the floor. They look back on it with a fondness that is shared with us.

When we get to the moment on Jerry's story when we are present, we will have gone through some very significant moments in your life. And we each have our own Papa stories to share. And share them we will. But on today, Father’s Day I wanted you to know just how much we love you.

Our lives would have been so different if you were not in it.

I still might not be able to add to 15. But hours of Cribbage practice have made that a reality. I still haven’t won a game unless you were on my team, but that’s to be expected when playing against the Master Champion of the World (and Central Falls).

My first trip to the WaterFire would not have been as magical. Inspiration for artists is all around them through out their entire life, access to moments like this helps me stay inspired everyday.

Hot dogs, Del's, peanuts, pretzels, ice cream in mini hats and baseball. PawSox Games were looked forward to as summer treasures.

You are close to holding the world record for games/events attended by any Papa. Swim meets, graduations, baseball, softball, soccer, volleyball, backyard badminton and volleyball tournaments, eagle scout ceremonies, bring your grandfather to school day… the list goes on.

Our stories about you will continue. And at some point they will be recorded. Our oral history as a family has been started. Thanks for sharing with us. We listen eager to learn more about your life, and your place in our countries history. We can only aspire one day to be as influential in the lives of our loved ones as you are.

Happy Father’s Day.

Now sit back, relax, and try everyone of the desserts tonight. You deserve it.

Semper Fi.



Frank said...

Nice job Allie!

patricia said...

Allie...that was so well written!!! Thanks for taking the initiative on behalf of Papa's grandchildren

lisa said... have spoken for not only the grandchildren, but, for us all. Papa stories are part of our life, and we love telling them over and over again. We are blessed...