Thursday, November 11, 2010

235th Birthday of the United States Marine Corps.

Happy Birthday Marines!

Jerry attended the Birthday Dinner last night at the Alpine Country Club.

Jerry sat with the organizing committee. Steve Cileli, Ed Malloy, Carl Weston, Bill Jamieson and other Marines.

Jerrry gave out his special challenge coins. They were minted in the shape of the 4th MARDIV Patch and the Eagle Globe and Anchor on the opposite side.

Ed Malloy senior presented Jerry with a picture of Jerry and Ed Junior at the VE Day celebration in Smithfield.

I sat by the bar for a few minutes and several young guys were talking about the Iwo Jima Marine at the head table. A marine who I know but will remain nameless so as not to embarrass him said. "That is Jerry Sherlock. Dude is a ROCK STAR. He is a ROCK STAR! Saipan, Tinian and Iwo. Gunfighter from the old days. You have to meet him."

Jerry was in his element of fellow Marines. The colors were posted by the Marine Color Guard contingent. The Pledge of Allegiance and then the convocation by Carl Weston. With special emphasis on 3rd Battalion 5th Marines. They have borne the brunt of the casualties while taking the fight to the evil doers in A-STAN.

God Bless them and keep them safe!

Dinner and the nights events.

When I returned I was able to watch Marine Manny Soares play the Marine Corps Hymn on the Bagpipe. The Entire crowd came to attention and sang. With the assistance of Steve I'll be posting that video. It is especially motivating! Didn't Jerry get in trouble for singing the Marine Corp along time ago? Not last night. These guys don't play around. Wait for the video. OORAH!

Jerry ran into Paul Chalko. Paul was with the Frozen Chosin and was seriously wounded along with Jack Mainor. Paul and Jack were friends. Jack is another legendary Marine in the extended Sherlock OUTLAW clan. Paul and Jack fought in Korea at the Frozen Chosin and shed blood for this country so that others might have freedom. Jack has left us too early and is standing post on the streets of Heaven. Semper Fi Jack!

Jerry was surrounded by the Marine Color guard who fought to have photos with him. These guys speak the same language as Jerry. Freedom and Honor our not just simple word to the MARINES.

The Marines have been kicking ass and taking names in places with names that people can't even pronounce. It is written indelibly in blood on the MARINE Corps Battle Honors. Here is to guys like Jack Mainor and Jerry Sherlock. Guys like them, and guys that want to be like them!



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