Sunday, December 25, 2011

Merry Christmas and a health update

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An update on Jerry:

All went well with Jerry's last of the series of scheduled brain radiation treatments on Wednesday morning. The treatment was followed by a meeting with Dr. Hepel, the radiation oncologist.

Dr. Hepel was clearly surprised (in a good way!) how well Jerry has held up through the radiation treatments. He noted that, based on how Jerry was a few weeks ago, he couldn’t see Jerry tolerating anything more than the recent course of treatment. However, from the man who could hardly sit up… to now not arriving in a wheelchair, walking a few times a week, good appetite and eating well, minimal symptoms… he has bounced back much better than Dr. Hepel expected.

They will let Jerry have a couple of weeks to recover and enjoy the holidays. Then their tentative plan is to use radiation and low-dose chemo to treat Jerry’s lungs. Dr. Hepel says that he can see the two specific areas to treat in the lungs, and that they haven’t seen tumors outside the brain and lungs. He said that in a hopeful tone. He didn’t say it directly, but we can infer that radiation for the lungs is now a part of the lung treatment plan because he tolerated the brain radiation better than expected.

Enjoy the holidays!

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Frank said...

Merry Christmas To Jerry and his entire clan.